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Garden landscaping is one of the most popular hobbies out there. In fact, it has become an obsession for some people. They spend many hours in the garden to make sure that the landscaping and the appearance of the garden is better than their friends or neighbors. Although this thing seems complicated to do, fortunately it is not as difficult as it appears.

It is not difficult to make your garden unique because you have many options when it comes to garden landscaping ideas. The problem is to find a particular style that suits your own personal character. You will find that landscaping your garden is a fun and enjoyable thing to do once you find the right style that matches your interest.

Formal and informal style

Normally your personal style will reflect in your garden landscaping ideas. One common style is the formal garden, which comprises of geometric shapes and straight lines. Formal gardens appear well planned and it needs more maintenance as other styles of landscaping. You really need to know how to give proper care to your plants if you want to have a formal garden.

As the opposite of formal gardens, you also can choose an informal garden landscaping ideas. The informal style tends to use curved lines and some random assortments of flowers, bushes, and other plants. This style presents a cozier look and it works well for small cottage gardens. A formal garden is normally dominated by greenery while the informal style promotes a variety of colors.

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Complex style

If you are a devoted gardener, you like to challenge yourself to have a more complex garden landscaping ideas. One famous complex style is the oriental garden. It uses a combination of accessories like rocks, evergreens, and water features. Some potted plants located strategically will complete the look.

The woodland style is another famous complex style. This is a good choice for garden landscaping when your backyard backs up to woods. If you manage to execute this style properly, you can make a nice transition from your home to the forest. Key elements of the woodland style are manmade waterfall and selections of woodland plants.

Create a unique look

Once you identify your personal style, then you can implement that style into your garden landscaping idea. As a result, the appearance of the garden will reflect your character and it will appear unique from those around you. Spending many hours in the garden is not the most important factor in garden landscaping. What you need is a proper plan and a collection of good garden landscaping ideas to create the garden of your dream.

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